There’s so much to love about fall; the crisp, cool air, cozy autumn days, and the changing colours of the trees. The Okanagan is well known for its long, hot summers, we’ve even written about some of the wonderful ways to make the most of the warmer middle months, but it’s time to talk about Fall. The slower pace, wide-open spaces, and fewer crowds make this the perfect time of year to get out and explore our backyard.

Vineyards in the evening sun

Enjoy the Harvest

It’s hard to miss the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables when you’re in the Okanagan. Fruit trees adorn the hillsides and there’s a fruit stand around almost every turn. In fall things really come into their own. Take the opportunity to visit some of the local orchards to pick up some seasonal gems for yourself.

If you’re spending time with family, especially kiddos, we recommend a trip to Davison Orchards. The ridiculously quaint family-run orchards are packed full of fun for all ages. Indulge in some tasty homemade treats, feed the animals, don’t forget to tour the pumpkin patch, and most definitely take home some goodies.

With acres upon acres of vineyards and orchards peppered throughout the Okanagan, there’s plenty to choose from. Right on our doorstep is the Westside Wine Trail. Boasting 14 wineries, this gem of a collection is not to be missed. The best way to experience the vineyards of the Okanagan is with a guided wine tour. Ariva is delighted to be offering this service to their residents and we hope you’ll join us!

Okanagan Lake with autumnal trees

Embrace the Changes

At this time of year, the highlands above Kelowna glow with the glorious golds of the Larch trees. Head to Myra Canyon to hike or cycle a scenic portion of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, and don’t forget to take your camera! The trail is relatively flat, so it’s a nice easy hike or bike if you’re in need of a more mellow day out.

Head to Okanagan Lake and hunt for Hidden Beach. In the spring and summer, the beach is inaccessible with the high water. Fall brings out hidden spots like this one. You’ll feel a lot like you’re at the beach on the west coast.

Changing colours of the grape vines in fall

Feeling Festive

The Kelowna festival scene comes to life in fall, giving you plenty of good excuses to get out and have some fun. The Hopscotch festival takes place in September, celebrating all things whiskey, beer and spirits. Next up is the Okanagan Wine Festival. This bi-annual festival is not to be missed, offering both locals and visitors numerous wine-themed events.

Active woman taking a break to enjoy the views

Staying Active

It’s an ideal time for outdoor pursuits with the cooler temperatures and the bright, clear skies. Take to the still warm lakes for a paddle and enjoy the vibrant changing colours from the water or head to the hills with the hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders.

The milder weather offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy our many and varied golf courses. Treat yourself to a locally sourced dinner and perhaps a craft beer at one of the exceptional breweries nearby.

The Annual Okanagan Marathon and Family Festival Weekend take place in October and whether you’re a participant or a spectator it’s a great atmosphere and something fun and different to experience with friends or family.

Relax & Recharge

The summer months can be full-on, it’s important to take time to recuperate in the fall and prepare for the winter season ahead. The slower pace can give us an opportunity to really take it all in and appreciate our surroundings.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to spend the fall season in the Okanagan. We’d love to hear about how you like to spend your time so join us on our social channels and let us know in the comments.